Chicago Vacation Travel Guide & Hotel Deals

Chicago – From humble beginnings, this city has bloomed into one of the USA’s frontrunners. Check out the top sights in Chicago and start planning a trip!

Chicago is one of the largest and most populated cities in the United States. It has many attractions for visitors and tourists, to travel around and see. One of the oldest and more popular of all the attractions in Chicago is the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower. The Chicago Office of Tourism is staffed to take care of and protect the gallery. Chicago Public Art Program is curator of the gallery.

For over a century, the Historic Water Tower has become Chicago’s most beloved landmark. William W. Boyington, an architect, was the first to plan and build it.
It now serves as a memorial to those who perished in the tragic Chicago Fire.  The Historic Water Tower’s roots can be traced back to 1869, when it was constructed to house a 138-foot-tall water tower.


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