The Top Tourist Destinations In Japan


Japan may seem like the other end of the world -in fact let’s face it – Japan is the other end of the world. Due to it being so far away from many of the world’s major countries many people don’t visit. However for most of you out there, you need to stop what you’re doing and add Japan to the top of your to do list right now. This is because it is probably the best holiday destination that you’ll get a chance to visit in your life. Japan hides within itself exotic mountains, high rise and technicolored buildings as well as the haunting remnants of the Second World War. And the combination of all of these things is what makes it one of the most coveted and popular travel destinations amongst tourists from all around the world. All you need to do is grab cheap flight tickets and reach out to Japan and we guarantee that it will embrace you with open arms. Here are the places in Japan that you need to go see right now.

1. Tokyo
This popular city is said to be the center of the world’s largest technological brands. From top notch brands such as Daikin and Hitachi to the lowest quality street food available around the roads, everything is wonderful. Once you visit this city, it will capture your heart with all its glittering heights and sky high buildings. One of the most important attractions here is the Tokyo tower which is located right in the center of this hustling bustling city.

2. Mount Fiji
Before you read on, it is important to warn you that you will need at least one whole to tour this mount Fiji. The trip to Mount Fiji takes at least one day if you just want a rough and general visit. In order to have a more in depth tour you need to take out 2 to 3 days from your schedule to cover this giant. It is approximately 4000 m tall and has a perfect symmetry which is also one of the main reasons why it gained so much popularity amongst tourists.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace
If you are someone who takes inspiration from Japanese history and culture then this place is just the thing you need to visit. The residence of the Japanese Emperor this place is the center of administration for Japan. However, it also features a museum that displays a lot of Japanese artifacts and cultural souvenirs. The most amazing fact about this castle is that it has been built of the amongst the ruins of older castles that were destroyed due to one reason or another. And so it rises from the ashes of the old just like a phoenix.

These places in Japan will surely keep you entertained whenever you visit it. So grab some cheap flight tickets and fly to Japan today.

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