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  1. BLM is Dead R.I.P. says:

    A friendly, serious warning to all senior Canadians……do not waste your time, energy or money going to visit or stay in Portland. The dangers include, aggressive drug addicted and alcohol addicted street people who make it unsafe to tour the streets at any time of day. Add to it the ongoing, running street riots and aggressive, dangerous protestors who do not think twice about injuring anyone and everyone. The Canadian Seniors Travel and Tour Group wishes you luck in your travels but this destination is not on our recommended go to list for 2020.

  2. John Sanchez says:

    Portland has changed …..it is full of daily riots; few locals go downtown out of fear; many shops and restaurants are shuttered or their windows broken; prices are high; hotel tax is up to 15 percent; it will have to change a lot ; plus I was just walking and several screamed at me for no reason other that I am white…….go to Portland and be insulted, no thanksl Tourists beware!

  3. hsingho lee says:

    Just visited portland. The downtown area cannot look more different from the video. All abandoned, boarded-up, empty, and scary. There were absolutely no pedestrian except the homeless or people looking for troubles. Really sad.

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