England’s Hidden Gems

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Many visitors to England decide to visit the familiar locations on the tourist trail – the likes of London, Oxford, Windsor and Bath.

The reasons for visiting those locations are obvious – all of those locations boast wonderful history, architecture and some fine places to stay.

Sticking to the more obvious tourist spots does, however, have a downside. Visitors undoubtedly miss out on some of the beautiful parts of the country that are often just as rich in history, architecture and culture. I wonder, for instance, how many tourists ever think to visit the city of Winchester. Indeed, if you’re not from the UK, have you even heard of Winchester? Let me expand a little on exactly what you could be missing…

Winchester was once the capital of England and the site of William the Conqueror’s Castle. It also has links with the tales of King Arthur: a version of his famous Round Table still stands in the Great Hall. Jane Austen is just one of many famous people to have lived in the city.

So where is Winchester? Well, not so far from the “beaten track” as you might imagine! The city is south of London and can be reached from our modern day capital via a train journey of approximately one hour (trains depart at regular intervals from London Waterloo station).

On arriving in Winchester, you’ll find that you can walk into the very heart of this compact city in just 10 minutes. The centre of the city is dominated by the fine cathedral – surely one of the most splendid in the country. The city’s streets are laid out much as they were in Roman times – walking around Winchester is to stroll through England’s history.

Why not pay Winchester a visit and find out about one of England’s hidden gems.

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